The idea was born in autumn 2018: On the one hand, we had trouble finding Spanish surf instructors every year who spoke English well enough to communicate fluently with our guests and guarantee them the necessary learning progress. On the other hand, Tom, the camp director, was asked by various villagers to give them English lessons:

Susi, for example, had a small restaurant and was increasingly annoyed that she could not communicate with the foreign tourists. Javi, an ex-Olympic sailor, couldn’t find anyone to talk to so as not to lose his language skills. And Santi & Tino, two local surfers, were tired of not being able to communicate with the ever more numerous appearing Central Europeans. The case was clear: we had to start teaching English to the locals.

As a secondary school English teacher, Tom brought the necessary know-how to teach people the language in weekly English lessons. And even though the language skills of the individual people were very different, all participants soon made progress. Shortly afterwards, friends and acquaintances of Susi, Javi, Santi and Tino were also enthusiastic and joined the course.

In times of social distancing the course currently takes place online. Interested residents of Ferrol are cordially invited to join the course. They are requested to contact info@waverocker.org by e-mail.