Former Beachhouse

Green hills, blue ocean and white beaches – Galicia is considered one of the best surfing regions in Europe. Obviously, this makes surfers’ hearts jump for joy. And right here, in Spain’s northwest, is where you find the WaveRocker BeachHouse. From our house you have the perfect view over the beach and the waves. Only 500 meters separate you from the ocean and you can frolic in the waves after a short walk down to the beach.

The surroundings offer endless possibilities: When you are not in the water you can make use of one of our other sports activities or you can just make yourself comfortable in our house: Barbecues in the big garden, chilling in the cozy living room, relaxing in the winter garden or watching movies in our home cinema.

For all those who like it wild: In spite of the peaceful setting the next party isn’t hard to find. The port city of Ferrol is only ten kilometers away and can easily be reached by car. Bars, restaurants, shops – here you will find everything you are looking for.

In a nutshell: WAVEROCKER is the perfect place if you are looking for a timeout from your hectic daily routine and the gray weather at home – and for learning to surf, of course!

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